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I'm a virgin. I've never been with a man, but I think about having my pussy licked all the time. I fantasize about men I just meet touching me on the subway while other people are around. Then I go home and rub my wanting clit until I explode. Right now I have my finger in my pussy and I am thinking about you touching me as you read this.

i fucked my girl friend badly tonight. she has got huge tits on which i masturbate.

At one time I was working in an office with many girls throughout the building and often I would walk around to their desks looking for something personal belonging to the girls and masturbate my cum into or onto the items, e.g. cups, spare shoes or tights, chairs, desk, coat pockets, etc.

I live in Oklahoma and my boyfriend lives in New Jersey. After a few months he decided to visit me. I'm so in love with him so it's not just a lust thing. One night, my mom went out of town and we were stuck home alone together. We started to tongue kiss, and he had me lie down on my bed. He layed next to me and we were kissing and fondling. He took my shirt and bra off and started kissing me all over my chest, then started licking and sucking on my nipples. While he was doing this he took the rest of my clothes off and started to finger me. It felt so great. He then started to kiss me on the stomach and then on the insides of my thighs. Then he started to tongue fuck me, he has his tongue pierced and having that little metal ball rolled across your clit is the greatest feeling. He told me to say his name, and I did. When he got faster I got louder and ended up screaming his name. He layed on his back and I sat on his dick and started to bounce harder each time. He moaned and moaned, even moaned my name as if I was a pro at this. We switched positions and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and he put his dick all the way inside me, then took it out. He kept this up for about 20 minutes and I was screaming his name a lot. I told him if I wanted it faster or harder and he did so. We both came one last time together and he held me and we went to sleep together. That was the best night of my life, I was a virgin then and was kinda scared about having sex for the first time. He was gentle and if I wanted it not so gentle, I'd tell him. Making love to someone special is the greatest because your being intimate with one you know, love, and trust.

i had alwayz been interested in fucking one of my aunt who is now 39 and she is 36d 28 36 excellent bitch, i am 23 now, she alwayz keept on showing her breasts and pussy through her clothes and keeps on attracting me, one day i went to her house and she was there taking a bath and she suddenly came out 2 grab the towel and I was there. she tried to return but i caught her from behind and straight away inserted in her mouth after throwing her on the bed, she was abusing me in all manners and i was just pushing in her throat and smashing her breasts soon i came in her mouth, her mouth was filled with my hot cum and then i inserted in her from the front as she was lying under me begging 4 me not 2 shoot in her, i kept on the same strokes with the same intensity for around 25 minutes and when i was about to shoot she screamed to take it out but i was helpless as i was inside my dream lady so i shot the whole load in her, it was great, after that we did it three times and never told any body about it. now she enjoys me and i enjoy her.

i am a 24-year-old guy with a well built body. i alwayz had a crush on this gal, she is 19 and 36c 24 34, well built breasts and she was pretty. i never found a chance to have a good time with her, so finally i had to rely upon her bras, panties and lingerie which i had 2 steal from her drawer. i just kept on fantasising bout her and kept on stroking my tool untill i blew on it. but it was not enough 4 me so i was alwayz in search of a good oppurtunity to have it in reality, this night i was sleeping in her house. in the middle of the night i slightly moved near her and first i started stroking her above her clothes i can feel thoes juicey breasts of her's under my hand and her nipples getting hard, she was yet asleep then i moved my hands inside her clothes and freed her breasts from her bra and enjoyed them for some time then i moved my hands in her panties and can feel the newly shaved untouched pussy of hers as soon as i fingered her love hole she moved a little and then grabbed me, it was a greeeeeeeeat moment of my life i kept on fingering her until she threw her juices on the sheet. she was awaken but she said nothing to me and i made her enjoy a lot the whole night, after that day we had real sex twice in all the positions we know or we can manage.

Me and my boyfriend made love for the first time. He gave me the greatest night of my life, I was a virgin at first and was afraid to have sex. He was gentle and attentive.

My boyfriend of 3 years was making love to me 2 weeks ago. He used what he calls doggy greet on me, he put his 7 inch cock in me and started fucking me for a while and taking it out. I thought he was going to quit on me after he unloaded in me, but to my surprise he got down and ate me out. He repeated a few times until I cummed. When I was moaning in delight, he grabbed my thong on the bed, used it to wipe up my snatch. I thought the thin and lack of material of the thong wouldn't be enough to absorb my juices. I said, "Now what will I wear under my skirt." He told me, "Shhhhh, don't say anything and open your mouth." I did so, thinking he was going to put his cock in, but he shoved my thong in my mouth and told me to suck on it and enjoy my own juices. I couldn't believe what he just did to me, making me taste my juices and whatever's on my thong. But on the same token, I felt dominated by him and loved every bit of it. Usually, he would eat me out and lick my flow and then give me a kiss. I love his surprises. Maybe tonight I'll blow him and hold his cumm in my mouth and kiss him, returning the favor of having him taste his yummy jizz.

I am 20 now, but when I was 19 and my sister was a streetwise 9 year old, I had the best time ever! We were on vacation in France. Our parents booked 2 rooms with a partioning door, leaving me and my sister in the room next to theirs. Anyway one night our parents decided to stay late in the hotel bar and me and my sis went back to go to bed. Anyway we were both getting changed and i saw her pussy and bum as she took her nickers off. As soon as i saw it my cock got so hard it was amazing. She looked so fuckable, real short, with pretty golden hair and flat chested. Her pussy was untouched and looked all smooth and tender i wanted to put my cock in it as soon as I saw!!! When we were both changed, we were both watchin t.v. from our beds when I asked her if she wanted to play 'truth or dare'. She said what is it so i explained and she agreed. After a few small and boring dares i said to her 'i dare you to touch my cock'. She said ok and did. I commented on how great it felt because it did. It made my cock feel so huge being rubbed by this little hand, throbbin away between her little fingers. after that she gave me the dare to touch her pussy which i gladly did. Never had i felt such a smooth and firm pussy before, unbroken by another cock. She said it felt really good afterwards, so I knew i'd be able to go even further. The final dare i gave was to let me put my cock in her pussy. I lied her down and said to trust me and she did. My cock was fully hard, all veins showing throbbing to shoot its load inside my young sis. I separated her legs and got on top of her, and said are you ready. I also told her it might hurt a bit, but not to worry. then i separated the tight lips of her pussy with my thumb and forefinger, and put my cock up to the hole. I then slid my cock in, and watched my sisters face as it went in. The more cock i gently pushed into her the more pain she showed. Her face went all red and the veins on her neck popped out as she started groaning in pain. I only got some of my 5" cock in her before she couldnt take it anymore. I wanted to start pumping her, but before i could i cum and wasn't bothered. The greatest thing about fucking her wasn't just that she was so young and tight, but that our parents didnt find out when they came back 3 hours later.

i just came back from staying at my lesbian girlfriend's house. i was getting to know her parents. but the thing is i had sex with both her mum and her dad! her dad is a stud and he has a 9" cock. i had never given a blowjob before but now i know i have sucked another two guys! her mum is the opposite of my girlfriend though. she is quite plump with blonde hair and she is a complete slut. she asked her girlfriend on the side to come round when the others were out getting the shopping and we had a little three-way fun. dildos are really great. but a woman's tongue does it even better. i'm using a dildo on myself right now and i will get my girlfriend to eat me out later on.

my girfriend of 9 months stayed over at my house a few weeks ago. She came into my room wearing nothing. I got an instant hard-on. Then she sucked my 7 incher until I blew cum deep in her mouth. Then I went down on her for at least on hour. fuck my tongue was tired! Licking and sucking her pussy. She said she blew 5 times. Then she started suckin me again, I stuck my cock in her sweet pussy and fucked her soo hard she was screaming. I had 2 stop and tell her 2 shutup cause my mum was in the other room! After cumming on her tits beautiful 12C (Australian size...i dun know wat that is in american) We then decided 2 go 2 bed. I woke up an hour later seeing my girlfriend sucking and licking my cock. She then jumped on and I fucked her again. Th rest of the night we took turns giving oral sex. I swear 2 god i wuld have blown at least 6 times that night and my girlfriend at least 10. We went to bed at 5:30 in the morning as the sun began 2 rise. I can't wait till she sleeps over again!!

A nurse was taking my blood pressure at the hospital when she noticed my hard on. She took me into a room and sucked me off swallowing all of my cum. Then she bent over on the bed spreading her ass cheeks and begged me to fuck her up the butt.. She said it was her first time up the ass and my cock inspired her to try it. She is divorced and really needed a good fuck.

I'm a gay guy, but I can occasionally get aroused thinking about women. The other week I went for dinner with my friend Jacqui and her boyfriend Mark. They're both in their mid twenties, a few years younger than me. I've always fancied Mark; he has a large package in his jeans and a cute fuckable ass. Well, the drinks flowed, and we started talking about blow-jobs. Mark said he didn't feel that Jacqui really knew how to suck cock, and she explained that she was always a bit anxious about him cumming in her mouth. I jokingly offered to give her lessons. Mark and Jacqui looked at each other then said, "We were kinda hoping you'd say that". Mark got his cock out - a beautiful. thick 8 incher, rock hard, and I was soon kneeling in front on him sucking on it. Jackie knelt beside me, watching intently and fingering herself as she got excited. Soon she stripped, and helped Mark and I to get naked too. I let her take over sucking while I went round the back and started tonguing his beautiful, hairy arse. Soon Mark was fucking Jacqui doggie-style. I stood in front of her and she sucked my cock. Soon Mark came up her cunt, he pulled out and I got down there to lap up his spunk, mixed with her juice. Then Jacqui told me that she often shoved a dildo up Mark's arse, but she'd like to watch me give him the real thing. I fucked him doggie style while Jaqui fondled and kissed him and me. After I shot my load up him, Jacqui and I both got down to lick my cream off his arse crack. I have a feeling they might invite me round again soon.

Me and my girlfriends have always been a little bi-curious and willing to do almost anything once. so me and a girl and another guy got a cheap motel room in upper michigan. so we go there with the intention of sexual exploration and a couple cases of beer and some liquor. first me and my girfriend eat each other out showing our male friend how we like it and then he tried us, then he fucked both of us. the next day me and my girlfriend went to a frat party at LSSU, and did a show for the guys, they got a kick out of it.

I'm in the US Army, what a joke. I'm a 2nd LT now, and I'd like to point out that I fucked and sucked my way through West Point. There were no claims of sexual harrassment or preferential treatment, just a lot of consensual sex. Now I'm stationed in Fort Hood TX, a platoon leader of a signal company, and it hasn't caught up to me yet. I'll share how it all started. My first night at WP a senior officer said if I ever needed anything at all to stop by his place. So I needed something and he invited me in and offered a massage - GOD was he HOT so i accepted. One thing led to another and I was sucking his friend's dick while he did me doggystyle, and it was mostly us and he'd invite more people over until there were orgys every other night. My reputation followed me, for those who were cool about it, and now, if I ever need anything I just call on my company commander or colonel, or major, or even a couple generals out here, and i am well taken care of!

Right now i am feeling really horny. I read these messages about other people's exploits with animals, and i just envisage taking the dogs cocks right up my tight arsehole. Keep those stories going.

This happened four years ago at an after prom party. About 30 of us (close friends) decided to rent a penthouse at a Hyatt. My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years and we had always pushed sex beyond the norm ... so we decided to play a little game at our party. Everybody was either high or drunk or both - just having the time of our lives - so me and my boyfriend got naked and started having sex right in front of everybody. At first a few of our friends were like "oh my god, what are they doing?" but then they settled into watching us - nothing beats having 30 some people staring at you moaning while you're having sex!! So I proposed we play a game - by then most of the guys had their cocks in their hands ... the rules of the game were: everybody had to have some kind of blindfold over their eyes so they couldnt see - then everybody got naked and went at somebody - anybody - also nobody was alowed to say a word - just moan and scream. If the person you went up to didn't want to participate - you had to respect that and back off. After everybody was blindfolded - I turned on one of the camcorders we had with us ... We fucked until we all passed out - the next day me and my boyfriend decided to watch the tape and it was shocking to see how far some people went - The biggest jock of the school ended up fucking 3 guys in a row! and his girfriend ate me out. My best friend ended up getting double fucked by my boyfriend and her boyfriend ... it was just the biggest orgy I have ever seen - we were like mad animals in heat!! When we got back to school the following monday, everybody was just all smiles ... all of us became so close that other people were wondering what was going on between us ... We ended up doing our little "sessions" about 18 more times - but with everybody away at college - it was impossible for all of us to get together. As for me and my boyfriend - I ended up breaking up with him ... our sex life really got out of hand after high school ... we pretty much became addicted to sex - like 10 times a day - doing everything imaginable. My breaking point was when we got into scarfing ... having a scarf tied around your neck while your having an orgasm. I was fucking my boyfriend and one of his friends - I was pulling my boyfriends scarf, he was pulling mine and I was pulling his friends ... when we came - we ended up passing out due to lack of oxygen - it was intense though the combination of an orgams and lack of oxygen is so intense ... but we went to far ... someobody found us just in time - I was actually dead for a few minutes, but the meds were able to revive me. Pretty crazy ... my parents ended up sending me away to get help for my "sex addiction" but I ended up seducing and fucking one of the doctors there ... today ... I'm not that wild anymore - but I do still have urges to get out of control sometimes - I think I always will ...

sometimes I act like I have sex in my bed.

I'm 12. Once my boyfriend came over to my house after school. He had asked for something to drink so I went to get him something. When I walk out of the kitchen my boyfriend is standing there naked. He said strip for me so I did. I slowly walked over to him and started kisssing him. The next thing I know he has one hand on my breasts and the other in my pussy. He throws me on the couch and he slowly begans licking my pussy. He started sucking harder and harder. Then he puts me in a doggie position and he starts to fuck me. It felt soooooooooo good. I started to scream. Then we had gotten into the 69 position and he started fingering me. My boyfriend had called one of his friends and he walked in the door when we were having sex. My boyfriend said we should do a three some. All of a sudden one was at my breasts and the other was fingering me. After sex we all just sat around the house naked. It was great.

i met up with my girl friends best friend the other day after school she is one hot cunt we have been checking each other out for a while so we decide to book a motel room for the day and fuck all day but we had to wait so the girl friend left town for awhile welll that finaly happened i arived at the motel asked the owner what room she was in she was to leave that information at the desk. well i knocked on the door Debbie said come on in man she was just wearing black tights with a black halter top tight to her c cup breasts but man she was hot i could see her camel toe right through her spandex tights i walked over to her grabbed her curly black hair from behind and pulled her face down to my crotch she uzipped my jeans and started sucking my balls through my under wear then i felt her finger slide up into my asshole wow that felt good she pushed all the way then pulled my briefs off and started sucking my dick sliding her mouth up down i was going crazy i felll back on the bed she then remove her top no bra there just milk white breast in contrast to her tanned body she looks so innocent with those dark brown eyes she start to to lick and bite my ass then she shoved her tongue in my ass while stroking my dick with her hand. that was it. I started cuming hard shooting it up in the air and all over my chest she came up and licked it all up then gave me a real wet kiss i grabbed her by her waist band and threw her over the edge off the bed pulled her tights off just her black thong panties on she just said PLease fuck me now but i was gonna make her go crazy first i started licking her ass cheeks and breathing hard on her crotch then i pulled her thong up and down her cunt hole she was going nuts bucking up and down i started to suck her clit while i put my thumb in her asshole and one finger i slid into her hot box she was tight but wet i could see it all perfect her cleanly shaved pussy was dripping like a tap man she tasted good then her breathing got heavy i could smell her cunt so sweet she started cumming "fuck put ur cock in me u bastard" she cried "i need it now" so i pulled her legs apart propped her up on the bed doggy style i put my dick on the edge of her asshole teasing her a bit then i slid it down i grabbed her by the shoulder and plowed into her she was tight and wow could she move her pussy i was going nuts i had to get control or i was gonna cum i flipped her and pinned her legs back she just said slam it baby fuck me till i break i started driving it into her look at me baby she said i glanced down and watched my dick disapear in and out of her her nice tan line was wet with sweat. she pulled my head down and shoved her tongue into my mouth come she said come. she was bucking up its like she was fuckin me then i started to feel it i pulled out she screamed no! but i just had to wait a second "fuck u fucker" she screamed "fuck me now" i pulled her to the edge of the bed lifted her legs up told her to pull them back i pressed my dick on her clit and she just lost it, cumming like an animal in heat her eyes rolled back i then slid my rod down to her asshole she yelled "yeah that's it, play with my shit hole" i just slammed it in deep one stroke she screamed in pain clawing my back i felt blood driping down my back i just pinned her down and pile drived it in her ass. she then started to return my thrusts "feels good" she mumbled "u like fuckin me greek style" i said then fuck me real greek style i flipped her over on her stomach and plowed it in her asshole again it was wetter then her cunt all the way out then back in she started cummin again then she said "take it out im clencing up" i just kept rammin her i was about to blow my load she yank herself out. before i new it she rolled me over and jumped on my dick with her mouth suckin it like crazy i started cumming like never before she was letting me cum in her mouth "fuck debbie" i yelled out. she screamed back "FUCK YOU" she spit my cum all over my face. i was freaking then she just sat her pussy on my face "lick it u bastard" i started eating out her pussy then she slid her wet asshole over my mouth. i licked it like crazy she was going nuts cumming again. i felt like i was gonna cum soon, weird so soon. she slid down over my dick then hoped on pumping her box for what seemed like hours then it neared i grabbed her ass pulled it down and shot DEEP DEEP IN HER SHE COLLAPSED OVER, "that was great you bastard" she said "why am i bastard" i asked "because your gonna make me wait untill your slut girl friend leaves town again to fuck me" i said "i'll never last that long" "Great next week same time" she said as she headed for the shower. what a day!!!!!!!!!!

one day I decided to pay a visit to one of my male friends, he had some mates over and they were just hanging out. well we started drinking beer and smoking weed when one of the guys pulls out a video camera and suggest that we make our own porno. I was feeling a little horny so I thought it was a great idea besides my friends three mates were really hot. so I let them strip me of my clothing and tie my hands to the headboard, all four of them get undressed, and I mean I have never seen four cocks that large before in my life my mouth just watered with the possiblities. my mate mike had the biggest of all he told his friend john to video tape it and told his other friends bill and greg to stick their dicks in my mouth. by this time my pussy was good and wet, the first taste i got of those two big cocks in my mouth were like hevean, they were so big bill and greg both shoved them in my mouth leaving very little room for air, meanwhile mike shoves his whole fist up my hot wet pussy and i try to scream with delight but i have nothing but two hot long dicks being forced down my thoat. when bill entered he entered with the intent to rip my young pussy apart it felt as if he was hitting the back of my spine. bill and greg were becoming harder and harder with every lick i wanted more i wanted to taste their cum in the back of my thoat. John was taping it all while jacking off, I could'nt wait for the chance to feel his cock inside me too. mike gave no mercy as he thrusted his big dick inside of me, when he came he called me "a good bitch for taking it all" and shot his cum in my pussy, bill and greg also came all over my face and in my mouth I licked every drop up in pure delight. this went on for three more hours I must of drank four gallons of cum and still needed more. just when i thought it was over mike left the bedroom when he can back he brought his dog and a jar of honey he looked at me and said "now I need you to be a good whore and fuck my dog" I looked at him thinking he was joking and said "like hell" he turned around and slapped me hard in my face, I was pissed but could not get up because my arms were tied to the bed, i tried to kick but he told bill and greg to hold my legs then mike got up and put his hard dick in my face and pissed all over me, this made john super hard so he started fucking me in the ass after he nutted he made me suck my pussy jucies off his dick, mike applied the honey all over my clit and the inside of my pussy then he called his dog butch over and told him to "fuck this slutty bitch right" butch began to sniff my pussy his wet nose feeling cool and strange against my cunt then he began to lick me I felt ashamed and violated yet the sensation began to take over and i started to like it i pulled mike over and started to suck his cock god it felt amazing butch licked my pussy untill the cum poured out of me i came and the dog licked that up with rest of the honey. after mike came in my face he turned to me and asked me if i was ready to fuck the dog, every thing was so erotic, they untied me from the bed and I deciced to get butch ready so i played with his dick he got horny and started panting real heavy mike told me to suck it so i did at first it felt strange but then I began to enjoy it, then i turned over and got on my hands and knees mike guided butch and helped him to mount me at first there was some trouble with butch getting it in but once he was in all the way the pleasure was incredible, that dog went at me with his massive cock until he came all inside of me I could feel the hot cum drip out of my pussy and I loved it

I am a heterolsexual man, however, from my childhood years I fantasized about women's panties and used to take them from clothes lines while on my early morning paper route. I had a secret place I could go outside and put them on, sometimes 5-6 at a time. My cock would get hard just think about them, as it does now. I also had a place I could put them on and jack off in them where women walking could see me and what I was doing but couldn't tell who I was. I also liked to wear skimpy bikini panties while fucking my lady who grabs the waist band and pulls them up into my ass which just makes me harder and blow off a lot.

i like getting fucked by 3 guys at once in the girls locker room. my cunt is sore now.

once me and my girlfriend who is very hot had sex for 4 hours non stop we did it from every position and on everything in her room. We started out in a nice missionary but quickly changed to doggystyle which is her favorite because she gets all of my cock and she loves every second of it. Then on the desk and onto the bare floor which was very cold but only made it more of a rush.

i want to fuck my mother in law she's in her 50s not too bad to look at but could easily be realy hot if she wanted to like her daugter she's got a nice big arse and big tits you just got to suck i'd love to give her what i think she needs a good man in her bed as her hubby is a washed out old soke. i love my wife she's the best fuck i've ever had but sometimes i'm too much for her as she's little and my big cock tires her out and i'm left horny all night and i lie there thinking about which ways i'd do her mother, im so fucking horny right now im going to have to give myself a blow job, i told you i had a big dick.

My girlfriend has a 42D bust. When we're alone I can't keep my hands off of her. She must like me a lot, because if I ask her to show them to me , she unbuttons her blouse and peels down her bra. What a pair of knockers! Creamy white, with pink areolas and russet-colored nipples that get really hard when I twist them in my fingers. She loves it when i suck on them. She says it drives her crazy. She puts her hand in my pants and jacks me off when I suck on those babies.

Well, it all started when I came home and saw my boyfriend's sister in the shower. She came out and told me that she has always wanted to go down on someone and not have them do it back to them. Well that is exactly what she did to me. She tied my arms to the back of the bad and she tied my legs up to the top of the canapie bed. She did everything imaginable to me. She ate me out, fingered me, put all kinds of different objects in my pussy and it all felt so good. Then she pulled out this 12" long strap on and put the whole thing inside my pussy while she had three other fingers in there. After I came with that, she started to suck on my tits and proceeded to put almost her whole hand in my crotch, and I did not have to do a thing to her. My boyfriend never found out about it and we do this now weekly, and again, I do not have to do anything to her.

A while ago my wife and I had a threesome with a good friend of mine. He was helping us move and stayed around for a couple of beers. While we were playing pool he was teaching my wife to shoot. Soon after I got her going by kissing her neck and rubbing her tits and pussy and that started things off, she started pushing her ass aginst my friend while he was behind her helping her shoot and he started to touch her. we ended up at our place where I watched Tom fuck my wife, she blew him while I was fucking her and vise-versa but what she liked best is when he was sitting on the couch she sat on his dick with her back to him and I licked her clit while he fucked her. She came all over him!! I liked fucking her with a big load of his cum in her pussy!! I never would have thought this a few years ago but I love sharing my wife. We are looking for a good-looking young guy to try it again soon, can't wait!!!

I love to watch lesbian pornos. Even though I love having sex with men, watching lesbians eat each other's pussies is such a turn on. I can imagine how it would feel to run my hands over a woman's breasts while I'm lapping up her juices with my tongue. I would love to 69 with a hot woman and feel her tongue against my clit.

I'm in college and live in the dorms. I had never met my roommate before we moved in together, but when I did I couldn't believe how hot she was. I had a boyfriend at the time, but I couldn't help being attracted to her. One night she came back from the shower in her robe. I couldn't help but stare because I could see water trickling down from her legs and thought how much I would like to lick it off her. Instead of getting dressed, she pushed play on her VCR and started watching a lesbian porno! I started to watch the women on the screen eat each other and my pussy was drenched. When I looked back at my roommate, she had pushed her robe up her legs and was fingering herself. I could see her wet hole but I didn't know what to do, so I just kept watching her. Finally she stood up and dropped her whole robe. She had an awesome body. Then she walked over to me and kissed me. It was incredible! She took my hands and put one of them on her breast and the other between her legs. I slid my finger inside her and couldn't believe how wet and warm she was. I could smell how good her pussy was so I pulled her towards me and licked her from pussy hole to clit. Then I sucked her clit into my mouth and plunged three fingers into her. She started to undress me and soon she was straddling my face in the 69 position. She tasted so good. Then she went to her dresser and pulled out a strap on. When she put it on she fucked me for what seemed like a life time. It was the best sex I had ever had, even with men. I could taste my juices when she kissed me, and it only made me hornier. When we came for the fifth time, we had one last taste of each other and then went to bed. We never mentioned it after that, but every now and then we relive that wild night!

Once I (female) left my boyfriend in a cage for 9 hours.

I am a women and I had sex with another women.

My fantasy is to have three men in bed (i am female), one on my clit, tits and one fucking me, the thought of having that makes me so wet!! I have been with my bloke 4 years, only 3 orgasms.

Hell of a friday 13th: My freind and i always wanted to try a lesbian experince so last friday she spent the night and my mom went out with her boyfriend. we were flipping through channels and we came across porn i wasn't paying for it so i thought, cool let's watch it. then somebody knocked on the door and it was my guy friend and her boyfriend. we were watching porn her boy friend, 18, and the three of us, 15, weren't as experinced in sex we began to play truth or dare her boyfrind dared us to eat each other out so we did and the taste of her hot dripping cunt and my tounge with her clit shivering under my tounge as i sucked her button was stimulating i love the taste of a good pussy, oh and the feel of her tounge in my pussy was great with her tounge and lips wrapping around my pulsating clit, i was so wrapped up in her pussy i had yet to notice that her boy freind had began to thrust me in my tight ass while fingering me as well as being eaten out by my bud. it was soooo good and our guy friend began fucking my bud in the ass as well. that night was the most stimulating get together. we made a vow to do this every friday the 13th and will. as for me and my friend, we're bi sexual now and she spends the night all the time just so we can have some nice fun of our own!

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Hello am i sad? I am just a 14 year old boy but i love to grab my 6.5 inch dick and yank till the juices come out.

the best sex i have ever had is when my parents went on a vacation ... i stayed with my friend down the street (boy) and after his mom and dad went to bed he got me up in the middle of the night and said to follow him ... we went in his other guest bedroom up two other flights of stairs and there we had sex for at least 6 hours ... later that day he asked me to follow him out to the fort in the back yard ... he said he had to clean it out boy did he ever ... he sure cleaned me out good ... he has a sofa and stero and it is a small greenhouse with a locking door ... there we had more sex it was better than b4 ... we woke up at 10am and went to the greenhouse at 10:30 and didnt come out till 4:30 ... i had so much fun ... we did so many positions!

I was at a Superbowl party, all my classmates were there, a bunch of us went upstairs and got wasted and then decided to go sit in the hotub (in the nude). The guy that I had a total crush on was with us. It was dark and the light in the hottub didnt work ... we were all talking and makin jokes and then I felt this warm sensation from underneath. I looked down and my crush was licking my twat! Well that gave me the go! We fucked right there in the water!!

My roomates new girlfriend is very noisy in bed and I have jacked off while listening at the door several times. Last night I cracked open the door during their heat of passion and got a great view. I know he has been watching me and my girlfriend, so I guess it's fair!

Once me and my b/f were so horney when we were by a church we ran to the confessional booth and did it right then and there!! he he

The greatest sex i ever had was when i did it when my parents went out on new years we did it on the counter in the water everything it was wicked.

I spent Christmas Eve w/ my girlfriend. We wound up having sex in her room w/ her parents right above. We had to go slow so the bed wouldn't squeak. That was one of the best sexual experinces of my life.

my boyfriend order a cab to take me home after we finished having sex. I was so drunk that i forgot to put my panties back on, and i was wearing a skirt. When i got in the cab the drive asked for a kiss. I was so horny i said yes. So i puckered my lips, and he said not those lips. He ate me out in the cab.

I love watching and thinking about my wife having sex with other men.

I had fucked totally around 6 women in my life ... My ex-wife is the best ... She is over sexed.

I had sex with my friends wife ... She is so calm but in Bed wild.

The best sex we enjoyed was when me and my friend drank beer and had our moms in bed. Our moms were giving us blowjobs. oh what a pleasure it was. it was heaven on earth.

After my girl friend dumped me, I ended up having a three month affair with her divorced mother. Both were hot ... the daughter firmer and fuller, the mom had better moves (she was 19 yrs older than me).

I love it when the guy i had sex with would tell me to suck it in the middle of an intense orgasm i felt so dominated so trampy ... god if he only knew.

I discovered that my neighbor has been cheating on her husband. I originally used the information to blackmail her to have sex with me. But now, the sex is so good that she's stopped seeing the other guy and now she's cheating on her husband with me! She loves giving me blowjobs while I watch television in her house. Her husband doesn't suspect a thing and this has been going on for five months now!

I've been going out with my boyfriend for a couple of months and I've never orgasmed. This is becoming very frustrating. Does anyone suggest a certain postion? HELP!

I had a friend who was very keen on sex when we were young. He would get girls to join us and we would do exploring games (pants off) and get to feel and finger the girls and we would also do jerking off and pissing games. We were about 10 at the time. The girls seemed to love it!

When me and my friends went to Jamaica during spring break this year i had a fling with a true rastafari. His big black ass and dick made me come all over the beach. His dreads were also great stimulators. Wow!

i am 22 years old. i have a husband but i am having sex with his father and i love it.


My boyfriend and I had been apart for 4 weeks and we could not wait to see each other. when he got there we made love for hours and hours I has so many orgasams I was shaking all over.

My girlfriend has confessed that sex feels better to her AFTER she cums, like its 10 times better, so I've decided to make a habit of going down on her first and do some "fishing" before I rail in the "BIG" one ... he he.

My girlfriend and I decided to take a shower together. We started making out and decided we wanted to make love right then and there. I laid down in the bath tub and she took control on top, The hot steamy water was bouncing off our bodies, she looked so sexy, it was the best sex I ever had.

One time i had sex with my neighbours dog it was fucking awesome.

When my boyfriend and I have sex it's so good I leave huge wet spots on the bed. He is the best i have ever had.

I gave a guy (someone I had just met that night) a bj in the men's restroom of a bar. But that's not all! We got busted! and were personally escorted out of the bar by the bouncer. Guess I can't go back there again ...

My boyfriend has given me up to 20 orgasms in a single session! And we experiment with postions and I have gushed cum when I take thrusts that are slammed hard and deep!! I love powerful lovemaking!!!

When my man is going down on my from behind, and licking both areas of delight, I'm not sure which heaven I am in, mine or his.

I have had five orgasms with my ex boyfriend, just from him going down on me which alot of guys cant do. I know this first hand cause I have been with other guys, and my bf now is wonderful at it to. Take it from me the 3rd orgasm is the best!!!!!!!!!

I love it when my girlfriend and I talk dirty to each other when we're making love and this past weekend, I came in my girlfriend's mouth for the first time and she swallowed all of it up to the last drop. It was incredible. I've never been with anyone that was willing to do that. I'm going to marry this girl!

I'm 31 and I've never had an orgasm. I used to fake it ALL THE TIME with ex-boyfriends, but I recently met someone who gave me my first, second, and third orgasm!!! It was incredible! I never knew how much I was missing out on. I love EVERYONE!!!

My internet sex life is better than my sex life with my husband.

I hadn't seen my girlfriend for about a month or so. When we finally got together, we went to a hotel and we made love six times (I came six times) in a few hours. I was really horny for her. I've never had sex that many times in one night since then.

I HIT MY WIFE REAL HARD IN THE ASS!!!!!! Dog style is my favorite. Yes, it's good to be the King.


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