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I used to live with my ex-girlfriend and her mother,who was at the time 51. over time there was always abit of flirting between us but nothing more until the one night i came home late and rather drunk. My girlfriend was upstairs in bed but her mom was still downstairs watching the box. we chatted for a while then i suggested we have a joint together. Suprisingly she agreed and after getting pretty stoned together on the seetee i started pulling her leg and generally joking around with her. I dont know what came over me but i suddenly reached out and touched her breast,I expected a slap but she just smiled at me and allowed me to rub them gently. I undid her top and her generous tits spilled out. We started kissing and within a short time her hand was on my cock. I undid my jeans and linda went straight down and began to suck it. i was trying to keep my ears open listening for my girlfriend but still stood up,held linda`s head and forced my dick deep down her throat.

When I was 16, I would go up to my mom's room when she was not home and open her closet and grab her shoes or boots put them on, pull down my pants and underwear and cross my legs until I started to cum then I stopped for 20 seconds took the shoes or boots off and put them one at a time on my shaft. For the boots I put one on my foot, crossed my legs and for the other I put it over my shaft and tied it closed. then I put my underwear over the boot covered shaft, zipped my pants up and started crossing my legs how women do. When I started to reach the climax I pulled the underwear down quickly, untied the boot, pulled the boot off of my shaft and foot, grabbed my shaft to keep it from getting all over my stuff. Luckily I had kleenex nearby to wipe my shaft clean. My mom never knew I did this and I'm glad. Whenever I got done with my mom's shoes or boots I'd clean them and put them back just the way they originally looked. I got pleasure out of this. I do this every now and then when I need to but only when my mom is not home. What I did is almost the equivalency of a women touching me down there alot. I only do this so I don't have sex before marriage, or so I don't get aids. Maybe someday when I am with my girlfriend she'll let me do this with her shoes or boots or maybe she'll do it to me. I am going to try to avoid sex with partners as much as possible. If I can't then I'll do the shoes/boots thing.

My sex confession is that my sister and I began our sex lives together. We were lovers in high school and enjoyed making love together for almost three years. She is a year younger than I am. Most people would say that we are sick but I really must disagree. Nothing we ever did hurt anyone. Is it sick when a gay couple have sex? How about when an inter-racial couple does it? Well once upon a time these things were considered just as sick and wrong as incest sadly still is now. Some will try to equate incest with child abuse or pedophilia. This is like trying to equate sex with rape. It is true that some incest takes the form of abuse, just as some sex is in the form of rape. Does that then mean that all sex is rape and all incest is abuse? Of course not. The fact that my sister and I enjoyed sex with one another makes us neither abusers nor rapists. I'm posting this here not to turn anyone on but to educate the public about this issue. This is an issue that needs to be talked about.

I had my first sex when I was 12 years old. He was my next door neighbour. I was sunbathing in the garden and I took my top off. I knew he could see my little tits and I wanted to try and turn him on. He was 35 then and I fancied him badly. He said I should be careful or the sun would burn my tits. I said, what about this then and took of my bottoms as well. I could see his cock was hard so I got over the fence and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. We did it in his bed and I loved it. I am 18 now but I still fuck him sometimes.


I am a thirty nine year old heterosexual male, I am in a straight relationship with my partner. About 10 years ago a friend of mine, also heterosexual, came to stay at my house, one night we went out to a bar and had loads to drink. We got back to my place in the small hours and continued to drink, as my girlfriend was out. I was so horny I told this guy that I wanted to fulfill my biggest fantasy, which was to give a guy a blowjob. He didn't hesitate, he stood up and said 'ok, do it!'
I got down on my knees in front of him and started to undo his jeans, my heart was pounding. As I pulled his jeans down over his ass, his semi-hard dick swung up towards my face, he was obviously turned on by the situation. I stuck out my tongue and touched the end of his cock with it, it immediately started to jump and get harder brushing the side of my face as it shot up to full erection. I pressed it to the side of my face and kissed the shaft back down to the end, then I took it in my mouth and began to suck. It was such a great rush, I always knew that I would enjoy doing this even though I don't find men sexually attractive. I continued to suck and lick his cock and then his balls, he was groaning with pleasure. After a while he said he was going to cum, so I put my mouth over the end of his cock again. When he came he completely filled my mouth with hot cum, I swallowed as much as I could but some ended up running down my face. When it was over I just had to get my dick out and wank off, I was so turned on by what I'd done, I came still with his cum on my face. In the morning I took him to the train station and blew him again in the mens toilets, swallowing his load again before he left for home. I stayed in contact with him for a couple of years after that but have recently lost touch, we never repeated the experience but my desire to do it again is still as strong.

I am totally obsessed with a 27 year old girl South African girl I work with called Belinda. So much so I cannot help but dive into the toilets each day and wank my cock off imagining my penis between her gorgeous boobs. I know I'll will never fuck her but every time I wank I imagine shooting my hot cum up her vagina, screaming her orgasms that shoot trough her slender body. I often make sure I brush against her slightly after I shoot my load, unwittingly knowing I'd come on her beautiful body....

A few years ago when I was about 26 I went to an adult theater to check it out. I was in a booth watching a flick when the guy in the booth next to me put his cock through a hole in the wall. I went there hoping to get a chance to suck a cock so I touched it - then I sucked him. It was great, I sucked him until he shoot his big load in my mouth.

ok well i just had sex for the first time and well, it was'nt exactly what i thought it was going to be like so im just wondering if the next time will be any better?

I'm 31 yo and I have always wanted to tell my story without anyone finding out. This is the best way to do just that. When I was 15, I was at a friends house for an all night party and at about 4 am in the morning, I had had enough . I went upstairs to find a place to sleep. Finally I went up to the second floor and found a small bedroom which was set behind the dressing room and toilet on that floor. I entered very softly and waited till my eyes accustomed to the darkness, then seeing a bed, I got undressed and climbed in. Imagine my surprise, when I realised that I was in bed with someone. It was the elder aunt of my friend. She started talking about how rare it was to have someone sleeping with her and not making any moves. She was very explicit and after a short while, I felt her hands on my stomach, then without me moving, I felt her hands travelling down to my crotch. I got an erection and was beathing hardly at all. She cooed and whispered that I was her baby and that I should treat her like my girlfriend. I shifted slightly and moved my hands so that I could stroke her. She groaned when my fingers touched her nipples and I then took a deep breath and bent my head over to her breast and started to suckle her. With my hands free I then slowly moved them down to her vagina and felt around,She was now groaning and she had her bony hands around my prick and was massaging my balls.I tried to push my finger inside her but she crossed her thighs and I was stuck. Then she moved her head up and nipped at my ears. I was about to come and then she stopped and told me that she didn't think it was right what she was doing as she was old enough to be my grandmother. I didn't care and whispered that she had to keep going. She fingered my balls underneath and near to my anus and I just came and then as she continued, I came again. She threw back the covers and hunched down and licked all my cum. I wanted to return the favour, So i bent down then and licked between her legs. Her pubic hair was missing and she was totally hairless. This went on for about ..must have been an hour and I was sore near my balls from all the cumming. The light came through the curtains and I looked at this bed partner and saw that she was at least 65.

I used to invite this guy over to my apartment after an evening of drinking with my live in girlfriend. She always passed out in our bedroom and I would take her close off and roll her on to her stomach. Then me and this guy would take turns blowing our loads in her tight pussy and ass until we were completly empty she never ever woke up. After I he would leave I'd put her panties back on and get into bed to sleep. In the morning she would comment about the amount of cum and that she was sorry that she didn't remember having sex but she was always very horny the next morning and I loved the feeling putting my cock in her cum filled pussy.

Well, i go to a small private school in the south. One night me and my friends were hanging out at the fountian with my boyfriend. We had been watching porn and we were all pretty horney, my goal was before the year was up to have sex in the fountian, my friends said go for it, and that they wanted to watch, so we did. We were going after it so hard in the fountian. Thats when my friends decided to join in on the action, four girls and one boy, we were fingering each other sucking on things and we did stuff that would frighten the fish. Well then some guys were walking by and they heard somthing they came over and decided to join the fun. So there we were all eight of us getting it on in the school fountian. I had so much sex that the next day i couldnt walk and it hurt to pee.

if you ain't got a dick and you can't afford a dildo use a carrot

I love having sex in public places and one day me and my fuck buddy decided to do it in the male public toilet in the middle of the busiest street in town. It smelt horrible but i loved it. We fucked with him sitting on the seat and me ridding him, and then me bending over the seat and him fucking my cunt from behind. My pussy juices dripped all over him. Fuck, it turned me on.

im 22. Long story short i made love to a 47 year old woman, i loved it, so good better then normal! the experince she has was fucking marvelous. I love it i love her im addicted to her lol :)

I was a 16 year old virgin until tonight when my 18 year old third cousin came to my house to visit and fucked my brains out. She is hot and is a pro at riding cock. She rode me while I sucked and nibbled on her tits. After I shot my load in her and on her, I ate her tight pussy, and she creamed on my face. She told me I was the best she's had. It was an awesome night.

I am 19 and have a girlfriend. While I was walking along the waterfront one night I was sitting down and this guy about 40 came along and started talking to me. And then he just said "Do you want a blowjob?" I dunno why but I said "sure". He pushes me up against this parked truck and pulls me out and starts sucking. It was so hot having him go down on me in the cool. There were people walking above on the bridge and if they looked down they could have seen us. He stuck his finger up my bum and that was wild. I came in his mouth. He wanted to do other things but I didn't want to stay. I'm not really gay and I love my girlfriend but it was so incredibly wild.

There's this lady at work. She's 61 - I'm 25, I can't believe I've been banging her. We worked beside each other and would flirt all the time. She would tell me about her exploits back in the 1960s and beg to know all the "juicy details" about what I'd done lately. We'd both get fairy hot telling each other. One day she offered me a lift home and we were both complaining about lack of excitement lately. Before I knew it we had parked in a parking lot were kissing and then she went down and gave me the best blowjob I've ever had. I now see her at least once every couple of weeks. I can't fuck her because she has had a hysterectomy (sp ?) a few years ago but she loves sucking me until I come in her mouth and lets me fuck her in the ass. I have a regular girlfriend but I haven't told her about this woman. It's the hottest sex I've ever had.

I am a sixteen year old female that has a friend come over for sleep overs on the week end. We have been exploring each others bodies for sometime. However lately we have been rubbing each other to a climax. We both enjoy it very much. Neither of us has ever, as you would say gone down on the other, but I have taken her jucice on my fingers and rubbed them on her nibbles. I then kiss and taste he while enjoying kissing her breast. I always come off when I do this. I hope to taste her without having to trasfer her jucices to nibbles. I can just imagine how good she is going to taste. Can't wait for the week-end. Will let you know how it comes out and if she will let me do it to her. I get so hot just thinking about it. I am now rubbing myself when I stop typing. I am so wet and need some relief. I have never had sex but do masturbate thinking of guys and expecially my friend.

I was really horny after not having sex for 4 months. I was pretty down for a while after my year relationship had ended. I had been masturbating, but I was craving a real cock. I met this guy who was 19 years older than me (I'm 18) at a friend's house and he came on to me strong. He asked to give me a ride home and I said sure, knowing what was going to happen. After a sexy discussion, I told him I had a shaved my pussy. He said he had never felt a shaved pussy and so I let him. He drove down the street while I opened my legs and he fingered me under my skirt. Then we stopped at a field behind a business and ended up on the hood of his car. He leaned me over the hood of his car and pulled my skirt up over my ass. He licked his finger and buried it my hole, banging me with his finger. then he took his cock out and fucked me like an animal.

me and my boyfriend were having sex with him sitting up and me facing him on his lap. we sat on the edge of the bed and i had mt to on the bed frame and started boucing myself up and down on his dick. it was so great.i loved it and so did he. i would recomend it to anyone.

I'm 13 & I'm a virgin. But sometimes, I fantasize about having sex and I make out with an old stuffed animal. Does that make me crazy?? I masturbate too. I love the sensation.

i turned 18 a few weeks ago and i was out celebrating with friends and family and when the night was over i dropped my aunt off home and iv wanted her 4 such a long time as shes in her mid 20's, shes got massive EE size tits wiv a lon slim figure and when we got in2 her flat we had afew drinks and 1 thing led 2 anotherand b4 i knew it i had blown my load in her mouth and fucked her with no condom, done her up da ass, and fucked every other hole in her body. and iv been doing her almost every day since then and we've gone away on holiday and iv gotten her pregnant. u mite think im stupid but shes the fittest babe iv ever seen, i'v even stuck things up her hot wet pussy and after i'v finished eating her, her pussy looks like a bull dog thats got mayonnaise on its face.

I was totally heads over heals in love with my new girlfriend and we were still getting to know each other sexually. I thought it might be fun to play a game of fantasy poker, so we could find out what we really liked to do. Fantasy poker works like strip poker except before you start you each fill out four slips of paper with your favorite fantasies on them and put them in the kitty. If your the first person to end up naked, the next hand you lose you must pick a fantasy from the kitty. Well my usual good luck was lousy that night, and I ended up with all four of her fantasies to do and she was still half dressed. When I opened the first one, I was surprised to find that it said she wanted me to paint her toe nails for her. Ok that was cool, I got the polish and did a nice neat job for her. The next fantasy I picked said I had to dress up in women's clothes and do a strip tease for her. I asked her if she really wanted me to do that and she said I had to "because, afterall the game was my idea She picked out five pair of her most feminine underwear and sent me home. Well I figured there was no point in actually wearing her panties to work since she'd never know, so I just wore jockeys. Well she surprised me by showing up at my workplace for lunch and demanded I show her the panties. When she found out I wasn't wearing them, she said "You're going to have to make that up to me! I'll see you Saturday." I got to her place early Saturday and she had the maid's outfit ready. She told me that since I hadn't worn the panties like I'd promised, she wanted me to shave my legs to make up for it. I felt pretty bad about not being straight with her about the panties, so I said "If that's makes us even, then OK." It was strange but I took her razor and with some helpful hints from her, did a pretty good job of shaving my legs. I went in the bedroom and dressed as the maid, including the frilly under pants and fishnet thigh top stockings. When I returned she was standing there taking video of me and laughing. Well I get a little upset then and said "If you want me to do this Well I worked hard all day, washing floors, vacuuming and cleaning up. When evening came she had me fix us a nice dinner. When dinner was over she said "Well Karen, you did a great job. Now you deserve a reward." She proceeded to lift my skirt and pull down my panties. She got on hers knees and looked up at me. "I'm going to give you the best blow job you've ever had." She was right! When she had taken my load in her mouth she stood up and gave me a deep kiss, passing my still warm cum from her mouth to mine. I know this was pretty kinky, but now she refuses to have sex with me unless I participate in her fantasies. I have done all kinds of sissy things just to make her happy and gain her favors. She said she wants to get me to the point of being passible so we can go out together as girl friends. The day is coming when she might even talk me into that. - Steve

I've been wanting to tell someone about this for years. When I was 13 I used to fantasise about my aunt Brenda who was about 50 and a good ten years older than my mum, and who I adored. She was very fat but was also very pretty and had these glorious big tits and I used to wank endlessly about her. She used to stay with me and my parents at least twice a year. One time she was staying with us everyone was in bed and I needed to piss. As I returned from the bathroom I heard some very quiet moans from her room - and the door was slightly open. I crept towards it in the darkness and through the crack in the door I could see my aunt with her sheets thrown back quite obviously playing with her pussy. The moonlight lit her huge flabby thighs as she rubbed herself and wobbled about on the bed. My head reeled with lust and I went back to my bedroom and furiously rubbed my cock until I came. It was difficult to get to sleep that night! The next day I was all over the place thinking about my aunt's pussy and found it difficult to relax in her company. The next night I crept out of my room to check on my aunt. Again the door slightly open, and I could see her gigantic ass hanging out of the bed. I couldn't help myself as I silently tiptoed into her room to get a better look at her ass - I was lust-crazed and hornier than I'd ever been! The way she was lying made her butt cheeks separate so I could actually see between them and gaze on her enormous bushy pussy and big hairy asshole. My head span as I surveyed this scene of beauty and I leant forward to get a better look. At once a musky scent hit my nose (you must remember this was the first pussy I'd ever seen or smelt) and my cock began to throb. I pushed my face closer and another gamier and more nutty smell was apparent, the smell of her anus. I was beside myself with excitement as I saw a drip of liquid escape from her pussy and dribble down into her asshole. It looked too thick to be piss and I touched it with my finger and licked it. It tasted sweet yet spicy and made me feel hornier. This fantastic experience never repeated itself as my aunt left us two days later. Despite me constantly trying to catch her eye (and wanking about 10 times a day!) she avoided much contact with me. The following November she died after catching bronchial pneumonia and I was heart-broken. I still think about that night; still the greatest sexual experience of my whole life. I can vividly remember the smells and flavours of her fat ass and pussy. And like I said - I've been wanting to tell someone about this for years; thank you for the opportunity!

When I was 19 I had a motorcycle that I rode everywhere. Often when returning from work at my summer job, I would see a female riding her bike. This was twenty years ago and women driving motorcycles was pretty rare. Each time I saw her I wanted to meet her more. Finally I just decided to follow her. As I followed her I eventually got along side and she nodded a greeting. We kept riding together until she pulled into her driveway. I followed her in and she stopped and took off her helmet and glasses. I think I fell in love with her at that moment. We saw each other as much as I could. She was three years older and working and I was away at college. It was 200 miles, but I rode my bike home and stayed at her place as often as she would have time. We talked for hours and when I asked her one day about why she liked riding bikes she answered "I think it is the feeling of the power between my legs" and winked at me. I met many of her friends and one that she introduced me to was married. Kathy told me her friend's husband liked to wear women's clothes and that she had been to parties with them where there were several guys dressed in women's clothes. We spent time together when I could get home and she was around. We spent that time talking but we never got past a few sessions of necking. We were alone at her apartment and she asked me "What do you think of my friends husband and how he dresses for his wife?" I said "I think it is pretty weird, but if you wanted to see me that way, I never knock anything til I try it." She led me into the bedroom and went into her closet and got out a skirt and blouse. Then she went over to her dresser and took out a pair of string bikini sky blue panties and a matching bra. Then she took out black thigh top stockings. She said, "I think you might look very cute in all this." I told her "I'm no so sure, but I'll do it if you want me to." She said, "I know you care about me and that is why your doing it. I know it wasn't your idea and if you hate it, then you can change back right away." I said "Thanks, but I'm feeling very shy, could you wait in the living room while I put this on?" She said, "Sure" and left me alone in the bedroom. I took off my clothes nervously listening for the door to open. I started by putting on the panties. I was young and trim in those days, only 135 lbs, and they fit just fime. I struggled to get the bra on awkwardly reaching behind me to fasten the hooks. I had never seen thigh high stockings before, but they stretched up over my legs okay. The sensation of their tightness was new and strange. The skirt was quite short, and I remembered when Kathy had worn it once when we went to a movie, that I had seen a glimse of her panites when she got out of the booth in the coffee shop we stopped in afterwards. I struggled to decide whether to look in the mirror before I showed Kathy or not. I was afraid I might chicken out if I saw myself. In the end I decided it would be better to know. It was definitely strange to see myself that way, but I was reassured that once you got past the fact it was a guy wearing women's clothes, I did look kinda cute in a strange way. Longer hair was the style then but mine is quite curly so I didn't wear it real long. It was too short to pass for a woman's style. I decided that I wouldn't worry because I still wasn't sure whether Kathy wanted me to look like a woman, or she just enjoyed seeing a guy consent to wearing women's clothes. I shyly opened the bedroom door and called out "Here I come, ready or not!" Kathy was seated on the couch and smiled broadly as I entered the living room. "I knew that outfit would look cute on you! Come here and let me have a closer look" and she patted the seat next to her. When I sat down she just started talking to me the way we always did, as if there was nothing different about this night. Soon I was over my nervousness and just relaxing with her. After almost an hour she turned to me and said "I know this was asking a lot, but I really enjoyed having you this way. it wasn't so bad was it?" and she leaned over and kissed me. I said "Pleasing you was more rewarding for me than I can tell you. I can't think of anything that makes me happier." It was late by then and it was clear she wanted to lay down. She slept with me on the couch that night, her head nestled against my chest with her arms wrapped around me. I spent the whole night awake, watching her sleep. We were friends and lover's throughout my college days. Eventually she taught me everything I know about sex. Often I would dress for her, and she would have me perform a strip tease, or model different nighties. Once she chose a more conservative outfit, helped me fix my hair which she had asked me to grow longer, and then did my makeup so that we could go out to a movie together. I didn't think I was passable, and it was absolutely nerve racking to be out in public that way, but Kathy was thrilled that I was willing to do what she wanted. Eventually she took me to one of those parties with her friends. Everyone was very relaxed and cool about it. There were perhaps ten couples and five of the guys were dressed like women. Some of the ladies kind of smirked a bit when I was introduced, but all in all, I was able to relax and have a pretty good time. Lots of nice people there. Kathy never said that she loved me and was always honest with me about the other guys she might be seeing while I was at school. We were great friends, lovers, when it pleased her, and company for each other when things were tough. My senior year, she told me she had met someone, that she was in love with him, and she was hoping he would marry her. We still saw each other then as friends, I even met her soon to be husband, but clearly he was jealous and I decided to pull away from Kathy slowly. Over the next six months I saw her only occasionly. Once she was married, I moved on with my life. My wife of the past fifteen years lets me wear her panties sometimes and even allows me to wear a house dress if it will get me to help with the cleaning chores. But clearly she only tolerates it, rather than enjoying it the way Kathy did. I have never confessed to her that I'm not doing it for her, but in honor of Kathy, and that wearing even one article of women's clothes brings me closer to the wonderful memories of my days with Kathy.

I knew this girl called Andrea at my college. She had black hair down to her shoulders and always wore these real wide leg baggy blue jeans which covered her shoes. I knew her friend Lucy really well so I asked her to set me up! That night Lucy called me and asked if I wanted to come out with Andrea and her, naturally I said yes! When we met up Lucy immediately mentioned to Andrea that I was obsessed with her! to cut a long story short we ended up having sex that very night! She tied my wrists to the bed posts of the bed and rode into me deeply. I was frightened and excited at the prospect of not being helpless. She drolled hr saliva and flem all over my face throught our fucking. Once we orgasmed she tore her nails into my chest as deeply as she could. It was extremely sore but also felt extremely good if ya know what i mean! Those scars are my little reminder of my expeerience of her.

10 years ago my wife and I had sex with her old boyfreind. He was on his back in our bed and my wife got on top of him but faced me. She put his cock in her pussy and then leaned backwards to his chest. He put his arms around her and played with her tits. I was looking at her pussy and his cock moving in and out of her. He had the biggest balls I have ever seen. I then went down and started licking her clit and around her pussy. From time to time I would run my mouth over his dick and suck his balls. He told her he was cumming and she lifted up off his cock and pressed my head down on him. He shot a load of cum in my mouth and then she kissed me. I fucked her as she started to suck him off again. After that we all ended up sleeping in our bed. In the morning I woke up to his dick in my face. I sucked him and then he fucked my wife.

When I was in college my room mate invited his little sister to come out and visit. We lived close to L.A. and his promise was to take her to Disneyland. My friend was struggling with his classes and had to study for a make or brake final. I ended up taking his sister out and about that weekend. She had a crush on me and started flirting with me big time.She was 16 and had a killer body and smile. When we started out driving to Disneyland she started to give me a hand job while I was driving on the freeway. I told her to stop of course but it felt so damn good. I had been without sex for almost six months! This young girl then told me that instead of going to see Mickey Mouse she wanted me to take her somewhere and make her a woman. Driving down I-5 with a hard on and a sixteen year old toy at my side we went at it. I drove to a hotel and I did my best to pevert her. She took my cock everyway possible and swallowed so much cum that I just kept getting hard. She came so often and so easily! I took her back to the apartment that evening and we made up a story of Disneyland... The next day I offered to take her back and we went straight to the hotel... she almost killed me. After graduation I lost touch with my room mate and his sister but I never again have had such a submissive pupil.

One day when my girl was getting ready to leave for college we were feeling so freaky. We went to my house into the computer room. Its a small room so the only place we could do it was in the chair. I sat in the chair and she started to blow me. She was loving every minute of it and so was I. She wanted me inside her quick so she straddled me. We were going at it for like 15 minutes and then I started to feel something dripping on my leg. I told her to sit in the chair so I could taste her. I started teasing her clit and she started coming like crazy. It was so much that it started dripping on the floor from the chair. I was licking as much as I could. After she came I told her to let me hit it from the back.Man was she going crazy. After about 5 minutes of that I sat back in the chair(It was so slippery). She got back on me and after about 10 minutes. I started coming she got off me and started sucking me. It was great she swallowed and I was loving it. I am looking forward to anal sex tonight.

I'm 13 and I LOVE to masturbate with a Crest Spinbrush!!!! I'm always "Brushing my teeth"!!!!

I am a 32 year old male in Maryland. Married with a couple kids. During the summer of 2002 our daughter had a pool party. One of my old friends has a daughter that came to the party. As everyone was swimming out side and having a good time, my old friend sucked my dick in the hall of my house. I played with her tits but that was all I did to her. She then told me she wanted to suck off one of the other fathers as well. She never did that as far as I know, however it felt great to shoot my load in her mouth. I do feel guilty now however. I wish my wife would suck off a guy so we would be even.

I am a 17 year old male, and I can't stop looking at my hot ass neighbor across the street who is probably 30. She always wears tight and revealing clothes. She wears short shorts and shirts that show her nice stomach. Her tits are average as well. She is married and has 4 kids. I masturbate while thinking about her hot body almost every night. I would give anything to pound that pussy. She probably notices me when I stare at her when she leaves and when she is outside. One day when her and her family came back from the pool, she had a wet shirt on and I could see her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were showing throught her shirt, and her complete nipple area was completely visible. My cock stood at attention as soon as I saw her. I guess I will have to continue to fantasize. Her husband is one lucky guy.

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A teenage girl came to my door selling stuff for her school. I looked at the book and she leaned over me to point to a picture and her tits rubbed my arm. I felt awful getting a hard on but I boldly put my hand on her crotch and pressed. She began to hump so I slipped inside her panties, she had a swollen clit and was wet. I had to fuck her and she loved it. I felt bad but hope she comes back soon.

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I read diz shyt all tha time n it gets me so horny i finger myself.

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I started dating a bi-sexual girl a few months ago, and she said that she had something special in mind for my birthday, which was last week. She told me to go out for awhile and then come back to my apartment, where she'd be waiting with my surprise. After she called me on the cel phone, I went back. When I got there, she had darkened the apartment except for candles. I walked into the bedroom, and there she was, with my surprise. My surprise was that her college roommate and her half-sister were with her. They had gone to a local lingerie store and all bought outfits for the occasion. My girlfiend told me that we were going to spend the weekend together, but that it started that night. My girlfriend was wearing a g-string and a see-through bra. Her half-sister was in a garter belt, stockings and a black satin thong. Her college roommate was wearing thigh-high stockings, a red satin thong and a red satin bra. They all looked unbelievable. My girlfriend moved towards me, and the other two followed. I stood there, as they undressed me and began to touch me. My girlfriend asked me to lay face down on the bed for a massage. I did, and they began to massage me on my back, my legs and my ass. It was amazing having six soft hands covered with baby oil on me. My girlfriend turned me over, and began massaging my engorged penis with her hand, while her half-sister was kissing me deeply. Her college roommate was fingering her half-sister from behind, and she was moaning slightly as she kissed me. I reached up and started feeling the half-sister's tits. Her nipples were completely engorged and erect. She leaned in as I began to suck on them. My girlfriend moved from stroking me to sucking on my cock. Her roommate was now moving behind my girlfriend to start sucking on her clit. They all climbed onto the bed, and we began to slowly explore each others bodies. I began to eat her half-sister's pussy, while my girlfriend was 69ing with her roommate. I laid back down and the roommate and the half-sister began to suck my cock together, while my girlfriend moved up to let me eat her. I exploded with cum in the roommates mouth. My girlfriend got me hard again by stroking my cock with a nylon stocking. I then got to fuck her half-sister, while my girlfriend and her roommate got the double-ended dildo going. I fucked her half-sister from behind, then eased my dick into her tight asshole. She came three times while I was getting into her. I began to really fuck her hard, and my girlfriend walked over to me and began sucking on my nipples, which always drives me crazy. I came so hard in her ass that we both collapsed on the bed with my dick still in her. I pulled out, and my girlfriend and I went into the bathroom. She took off her panties and we got into the shower together. Her half-sister came in a few minutes and got in with us. We all used the hot water to clean ourselves and then we began to touch each other again. My girlfriend kneeled down in the shower and began sucking me while I was soaping her half-sister's tits. I became so hard in the shower, but didn't think I had anything left. We got out of the shower, and I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. The roommate was in the kitchen, naked, having a Pepsi. I was naked, too, and she moved over to me when I reached for the refrigerator. She began to stroke my cock, and I got out some ice cubes. I began to rub them on her tits, and she started shaking. I then moved down on my knees, and I put an ice cube in my mouth. I began to move the ice cube into her pussy with my tongue, and she had a huge orgasm and almost collapsed onto the floor. She then made me sit on the kitchen counter, and she gave me a great blowjob. I came again, all over her tits and in her mouth. That was just the first night. By the end of the weekend, I had fucked all of them at least five times. We now get together every weekend with at least one of them, but sometimes both. They've never asked me to include another guy, and I don't know if they ever will. My girlfriend says that she wants to bring home some more girls for threesomes. She's out right now at class talking to a girl that she's been working on for awhile. This girl is a cheerleader for her college with an awesome body. My girlfriend wants her to wear her uniform for me. We'll see what happens.

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 1 year and 9 months. We've fucked all the time and did all different positons. But there was one thing that I wasn't getting and that was having another female eat me out and me eat out another female. That has always been my dream. So i discussed this with my man and he arranged for this girl we both knew to fulfill my dream. After school one day the girl and my boyfriend came home with me. Me and my boyfriend went to my room and laid on my bed and started kissing. He slowly slipped his hand under my skirt and started fingering me really slow. He then stopped kissing me and put his finger in my mouth and made me suck on my juices, he then slipped his fingers back in my pussy and repeated doing this for about 10 minutes. He then started stripping me of my clothes untill i was naked. Then he slowly spread my legs and started breathing hard on my clit and takin little licks. I was going crazy!!! I was moaning in delight screaming "Suck my pussy already!!!" So he called in the girl in and he held my legs open while she started sucking my clit harder and harder. Damn that felt so good. After 30 minutes of pure delight i grabbed her and ate her out while she rode my face. At the same time my boyfriend was fingering me very deep. I have never had so much fun!!! After that day we did that about 5 times after ... and me and my man r still togehter!

i am 16 year old (male) and i felt extremely horny. I had just watched a blue film with my friend and in the end we were both jacking off. we had our sperms scattered on the carpet and cleaned it before our parents came back. me and my girlfriend decided to go to a party arranged for the b-day of one of my friends. all my friends were present with their girls and all of us decided to play a sex game. we decided to see which one of us had the biggest penis. we, the boys told the girls we had to be aroused if they wanted to see the true size of our cocks. the girls decided to strip everytime a boy stepped onto the stage. One by one the boys stepped on and picked a chic to decide which girl they wanted to see strip off. the third boy got my girlfriend and he removed his shirt and stripped naked. His thing was small and hung like a tube. some of the girls were snapping pictures. My girlfriend stepped onto the podium and took off her shirt and began a strip tease. My friend's cock began stirring and its length began to increase. My girl took off her bra and the boys gaped at the sight of her breasts. My friends cock was fully grown and stretched to 7 inches! He was jerking off and he spat sperm all over my girlfriends tits. She took his cock in her hands and stared at it with feigned curiosity. then she took it in her mouth and it grew again. One of the girls stripped and went to him and spread his ass and started to lick his a-hole. I stripped off too and so did all the people in the party. I licked the pussy of my girl's best friend and she cummed all over my face and I loved the taste and then I inseted my cock in her wet pussy. So,what began as a game ended up in the biggest orgy I had ever seen.

Last December, we had a work Christmas party. My wife came with us but decided to go home after a fairly uneventful dinner. A few of us decided that we didn't want to finish yet, so we decided to go to a night club. After having way too much to drink, I was dancing with one of my employees, and (as I realised later) was rubbing my hands all over her tight arse while we danced. As the night wore on, more and more of our work mates went home, until it was only the two of us left. I hadn't realised this, but apparently she had, as at one point late in the night she sat down beside me, shoved her tongue down my throat and said "What do you think of that then?". My initial thought was "I don't want to make a scene." so I got up to take her outside to tell her that I was a married man, and couldn't give her what she was after. As we walked further out of the night club, I thought: "What the fuck. Go for it." we ended up walking out of there and going somewhere quiet where we ended up fucking. First, she climbed on top of me and rode my cock, then I turned her over and fucked her from on top. We both came. Later, I said I wanted to doggy her. She said that was her favourite position, so I moved around behind her. I started off shoving my thumb into her pussy while I tongued her tight areshole. I'd never done that before. God knows why I wanted to suck her arse, I just did. Anyway, after thumbing her cunt and licking her arsehole for a while I wanted to get off myself, so I fucked my cock into her wet cunt. I'd had a lot to drink so I don't know what happened after that, but we both woke up some time later with a sprinkler going of on top of us. We finally caught a cab home and I got home at 5.30 the next morning. I told my wife that I'd walked home and that was why I was so late. My only regret of the whole night was that I was too drunk to really show her what I could do.


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