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My girlfriend and I have had a great relationship for the past two years. We have sex at least four times a week, and we spend a lot of time together. One day when I was at my girlfriend's house waiting in her room for her to get finished showering after working out, I looked out the window of her second story room and noticed her mom nude by the pool. Her mom is a very attractive 38 year old blonde who is a pediatrician. Much to my surprise, she was completely shaven, and she had a very tight slit. Her breasts were as perfect as I had imagined. As I was staring at her, my girlfriend came out totally naked. She knew what I was looking at, and said that if I pleased her first, she would ask her mom to join. We gave each other oral before I fucked her to a state of pleasure. Her skin was silky smooth, and I couldn't help touching it with my cock. She went downstairs with nothing on, and got her mom to join us. When they were back upstairs, my girlfriend directed me on what to do to her mom while she sat in her recliner finger fucking herself. Due to the great directing by my girlfriend, the three of us had simultaneous orgasms. When we were finished, we all jumped in the pool to cool down and relax.

I've been having a saucy affair with an older woman. I'm 21 and she is 52. We met at work where we became good friends. It all started when she saw me looking at her legs on lunch break. She's an attractive lady always looking very smart and sexy. One afternoon i went to her house because she needed help moving some heavy boxes up to her attic. That afternoon was hot and she was weraing a revealing top and a sort red leather skirt. She asked me if i would like a cold drink due to the heat i said i would. From then on she started to become more flirty and upfront. She came up to me and said 'Do you fancy me, Neil?' i replied quite shocked saying 'you are very very attractive, yes i do'. She came closer and kissed me on the lips. Her pink lipstick came of and i kissed her back next thing i know i was in her bed making love to her how she wanted it. She rubbed my cock hard and sucked it almost making me cum within minutes. I grabbed her breasts and cried her name out loud in extacy 'Linda!'. I licked and sucked her pussy giving her pleasure she haden't had in a while. She told me to lie on my back as i did so she put her beautiful wet pussy on my rock hard cock and fucked me all i'm worth. Her tits were gorgeous and nipples erect as i licked and licked and licked at them eventually the pleasure became so extreme i came and she pumped it out of my until my beast could cum no more. She then got off and started to lick any remaining cum off of my cock. I see her every day and am now thinking of moving in with this beatiful 52 year old woman called Linda.

I had always been attracted to girls. I remember looking through my dads Playboy mags and getting turned on. 2 years ago I finally had sex with a girl. My boyfriend and I were staying in AC and it just so happened that a friend of ours was staying there the same night. We went out to eat, and invited her back to our room. I went down on her immediately and it felt SO good. I loved eating pussy. We are working on setting up another 3some soon.

I love to masturbate. I don't think it's wrong, and I love to do it, love to be watched, love to watch, love to talk about it. I love to masturbate to model Kate Moss, to exercize lady Denise Austin, to Exercize lady Casey McFann, to my best friend Donna Roche, to my pal Lizzy Sroul, who's ass, legs and feet I adore, to all sorts of women I know and see. I masturbate to pics of sexy women and couples I see on the internet, and do it almost every day. I love to buy womens mags like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and masturbate to the pics. I love pretty gals with nice smiles, and sexy legs. I LOVE pretty feet! I am so unembarrassed and unashamed I masturbate, and I love being a masturbator. I'm sitting here naked with my cock in my hand; can't you tell? I'm really not sorry, but I'll click the button anyway.

This morning when my husband and I got up to go to work, we both decided that we needed to do something to get us going. We decided the hot tub would be a good place to start. We went straight to the hot tub and got right in (no need to remove clothes since we both sleep naked). By the way, sleeping in the nude makes it easier for him to enter me while I am sleeping, a pleasant surprise. I suspended myself in the air so that my husband could begin eating my pussy. He licked and sucked until I was almost to orgasm, and then he quit. I then positioned my aroused pussy in front of one of the water jets. I let the water work on me until I was almost to orgasm again. My husband was giving my supple breasts attention. He then entered me with his thick five inch cock. We fucked in several positions until I (ummmmmmmm) climaxed. After we fucked, I gave my husband a hand job so that he could cum on my body. This is a big turn on for me. I hope we begin to do this at least once a week. All couples should try starting their day off right.

I am 35 now and she is 37. It happened when I was 10 and she was 12. She is my cousin sister (her name is Chumki and my name is Bubai). It was a winter evening. She called me and aksed me to come to the roof. I went. To my surprise i find that a boy in our neighbour (about 18 and his name was Bishu) was also in the roof. He was wearing a boxer only. She asked "wanna see something?" "What?" I asked. "See" with this she pulled down the boxer of Bishu and he became all naked. The boy also then took her in his arm and started unbuttoning her frock and pulled it down to her arms. It was a full moon night and in that light for the first time I saw the boobs of a woman (although very small... just started growing up). She laughed and pulled his dick. Bishu then put his hand inside her frock (till then I did not know what a girl has in place of a dick of a man) and she stopped laughing and instead made a moaning sound. Even in that winter night I started sweating. Then after some time she came out of his clasp and put her hand inside my half pant from beneath and touched my dick and pressed it hard. I did no know what but it felt good. I asked her who taught her these things and she pointe to Bishu. She then unbuttoned my pant and pulled it down to my ankle. Then she got hold of both of our dicks and rubbed the tip of the 2 together. It felt nice. When she rubbed the tip of our dicks with each other i started fondling with her body (I mean her neck, shoulder, boobs... i.e. upper part). However the session ended sudeenly as we heard some one coming. The next day after dinner we were lying on he bed. As we were young we were supposed to go to bed early. In the bed on my right my mom was taking a nap and on my right Chumki was lying and after her my younger sister and then Chumki's older brother. After some time Chumki moved her hand and placed it on my dick. I did not move but never the less enjoyed the her hand over my dick. After some time she took my hand and placed it on her pussy from over the panty. I was again sweating and at the same time shivering. She whispered in my ears "rub it hard" "ok" I said. "are you enjoying?" she asked me. "very much" I replied. She then whispered to me to put my hand inside her panty. This I did and oh my god what an experience.. touching a pussy for the first time. She was hot real hot. We fondled with each other's private area for some more time before we felt asleep. Alas neither she knew at that age how to shake a boy and nor did I know how to fingur a pussy. After that we had many encounters. Some times while taking bath she would call me for a towel and when I used to go to give her she would show me her full wet naked body. Some times I also used to do the same... showing her my naked body to her. One day she called me to the back of the house and unbuttoned her frock. Her boobs (small though.. just started coming out) were exposed in front of me. She asked me to suck them. I did. I sucked them, licked them and smelled them. Even today after so many years and after sucking so many boobs I still cannot forget the smell of her young boobs.. the smell was intoxicating. This continued for about 2/3 years. Then her father (that is my uncle) moved out to another city. My last encounter with her was when I was 18 ans she was 20. I got hold of a Porno book and as she was visiting our house, I invited her to read it also. We started reading it together and incedentlally it was a bro/sis incest story. Soon both of us were breathing heavily not telling a word to each other. But our hands started moving and we played with each others body. She got me naked and so did I do to her. GOD after so many years her body has really changed. Her boobs had grown larger and pussy grown hairs and so has my dick. It was huge with a large balls and hairs with veins all over (efect of regular musterbating). We now knew many things about sex and so applied it to each other ... sucking, licking kissing and all. We did 69.. then she gave me a blowjob by making me stand on a stool. I then fucked her... fucked a girl for the first time. But it was smooth. I asked after the love making session "did it hurt?" She smiled and said she is not a virgin and she is like that from when she was 14.

I am a female one day I was at my house when my best friend popped up! I am a female and at this time I was sitting on the floor of my living room fingering my pussy because I was watching my next door neighbor have an affair with her lover. As she walked through the door she was dumbfounded and looked at me and smiled. She was wearing a halter-top so I could see her nipples getting harder as I masturbated. It felt so good and I just needed a big dick right then and there to please me... but I remembered that she was still there. I got up off the floor and closed in my curtains by the window and my friend walked over to me and gave me a big hug. I was already naked and everything so she didnt even mind. I havent been atracted to a female before and this time I couldnt help but stay in her warm embrace. I just couldnt help but to rub my hand against the side of her face. And she couldnt help but to kiss me. I kissed her back but it was more intense and satisfactory than the first. I helped her get undressed and she led me to my bedroom. I laid her on the top of the bed and began to suck and caress her lovely nipples. I bit them and licked them in circles. She let a moan excape from her lips and I steadily began liking up and down her body. Then I thought about it and said that we shouldnt be doing this without some more action. So we went through my back door and headed over to my neighbors to add a little to her fun! My friend and I were still naked and we didnt even care. We let ourselves into the back part of her house and went through a side door and came to sounds of lovemaking. I walked up the stairs and my friend followed. We made it to the room where they where and I gave a couple taps on the door. She looked up from sucking his dick and smiled and me and told her lover that we have some company. She knows that I have a very wild side to me and nothing gets past my sex life. Well she got up and grabbed my hand and brought be to the bedroom where she began with a firm kiss. While all this my friend was about to ride her lovers dick and he was just throbbing. You could see the veins, looking like they were ready to pop!! Well I grabbed at her tits to began to nuzzle but she stopped my hand and told me that it was my turn to be pleased because I am the guest. She laid me on the bed and strddled my feet and she began by eating me out. It felt so good. She buried her face into me and I was moaning in ecstacy!!!! All the while my friend had my neighbors lover comming down her throat and she began to suck his dick. Then we switched. I had that big dick that I had longed for weeks to receive. I gave him a passionate kiss and he kissed me back and laid me on the bed. He teased me by putting his dick right at the entrance of my wet pussy. Then I tried to move forward and at that second he put it in me and pumped my pussy sooo good I was screaming. We fucked and changed partners until dusk. Then we had a sleepover and we fucked all night. We had a wonderful time and I hope to do it again really soon!

I have a sister (16) who all summer has been wearing these super small string bikinis whenever she goes to lay out and tan. She has an awesome body, nice perky breasts, firm flat abs, and very slender toned legs. The sight of her really gets me horny and hard and I have been masturbating thinking about her all summer. I have been wanting to see her naked for a while now, and got my wish a few weeks ago. I came home from a friend's house in the late afternoon and the parents were out. When I came in through the front door I heard sounds coming from the den. When I went to see what it was, it was my sis and her b/f fooling around. They were on the floor, he was on top of her, she was topless and he was kissing her neck and then began to play and suck on her breasts. I made sure I wasn't visible to them but had to watch. He then took his shirt off and continued. He then untied her bikini bottom and slowly removed it. I started to get real turned on and quietly unzipped my pants and pulled out my very hard sensitive penis and started to slowly stroke it. I couldnt believe I was watching my now naked sister fooling around! I was surprised to see her pussy was clean shaven. He then started to rub her vaginal lips wit his fingers. She then spread her legs wide open and started to moan softly. He then slid 2 fingers inside her, and started to slowly slide them in and out. She then began to sit up and made him lay on his back, and she got on top of him and slid his shorts and boxers off, revealing his very hard penis. After she slid his pants off she bagan to kiss down his stomach, then grabbed his penis at the base and slowly slid it in her mouth. She then began to lick the head with the tip of her tongue and then down the shaft and took him inside her mouth again. She slowly slid her lips up and down his penis while making eye contact with him. She would go fast then slow and fast again. It was so hot to see how she enjoyed it. Then she got up and went inside his shorts pocket and pulled out a condom. She srtaddled his lower legs, unwrapped it and rolled it down his penis. SHe then held it by the base with her left hand straddled him and guided it inside her pussy. I couldnt believe I could actually see him penetrate my 16 year old sister. SHe let out a loud moan and began to thrust forward ad back on his penis while he fondled and squeezed her tits. I couldnt take my eyes off her pussy as his penis slid in and out. SHe then began to moan louder and started to moan "It feels soo good, oohh" as she keep thrusting on him. Then she started to moan "Oh oooh Im gonna cum! make me cum!" Her thrusting turned to almost like a twitching as she let out powerful "OHHs" When I saw and heard that I couldnt handle it and came all over my hands. I then snuck to my room before they saw me.

My husband and I fucked in my parents' bed last weekend. We brought our 18 month old daughter with us and put her in her seat on side of the bed. She watched as we undressed and had rough sex for an hour. I was so turned on, my juices ended up on the bed. We then had a big wet spot to clean before my parents returned. It is such a great life to be a 23 year old hottie with nice firm tits, a baby girl, and a husband with thick cock.

My pussy is in need of a good pounding. I think I will go to the club and find me a fuck buddy.

I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who has had sex with a relative. When I was 13 and my sister was 15 we would double date. The guy she was dating at the time was 17 and one night she convinced one of her classmates to be the fourth. We were in her boyfriend's van and when my sister and Greg got naked and were fucking in the front seat, Brenda and I moved to the carpet at the back of the van where we were parked. The other two moved back alongside us and the two girls lay side by side on their back while Greg was fucking my sister and I was now pounding Brenda. When my sis and i were dropped off at home that night I waited an hour before sneaking into her room and whispering how much I enjoyed being alongside her. I got into bed with her and we whispered our experiences to each other until both of us were so hot that I removed her pj's and mine. I was sucking a firm nipple when she lay back on the bed, her legs spread. I kneeled between her thighs. My dickhead penetrated her hot rotating vagina slowly as to give her time to push me away. Her legs enwrapped my hips and drew me fully into her waiting cunt. We fucked off and on for hours until I finally sneaked back into my room before dawn. After than, we were fucking for 3 years until she finally went away to college. For whatever reasons it never happened again. But during the three years, we had sex with other couples, including a married couple twice, on average about every couple of months.

Last July I visited a friend from school in Mobile for two nights. She and her husband had only recently moved there and were then living in a small apartment with their 12 year old son. I was given the choice of having their bedroom and have them sleep on the couch, but I declined and accepted the second choice to sleep in the bedroom with their son. I slept on the far side of the bed, and that night was wearing my friend's husband's pajama top. Sometime after midnight, I awoke, feeling her son's rigid penis in my hand. He had enwrapped my fist around his dick and unbuttoned the pajama top and was staring at my breasts. I didn't want to startle him so I pretended to remain asleep. As he became bolder he leaned forward and nursed a breast, urging his cock closer to my vagina. I was trying to figure out how to get out of this but waited too long; soon my body trembled in desire. I rolled to my back, hoping this would discourage him. Instead the boy parted my legs and kneeled between my thighs. I now moaned, although he believed me to be asleep and dreaming. His dicknead parted the mouth of my pussy. My head thrashed from side to side, my hair flailing the room's warm air. His dick plunged deep into my hot cunt and he fucked me madly. My legs wrapped around his slender body. I turned over and kneeled, my hands gripping the headboard. He gripped his penis and entered my gyrating pussy from behind. I was masturbating myself as he fucked me and was coming when his body went rigid and he groaned. I felt his birth juice rocketing through his slender dick and erupting in my steaming cuntal walls. We went to sleep, entwined and nude and awoke several times during that night and fucked again. The next morning neither of us said a thing at breakfast. The final, second night I couldn't wait to get to bed again. When we were sure his parents were asleep, he turned onto his back and I straddled his hips, becoming impaled on his long dick. We fucked again and again until the sun's beams were streaming through the blinds. I was exhausted and didn't sleep until an hour after driving from their home where I checked into a motel for the rest of the day.

I shaved my husband's balls, scrotum, and cock recently; and I am telling you it is the best thing that anyone can do to make the pleasure better. Shaving him was a turn on for both of us. I started off by giving him a handjob so that his skin would be tight to shave. I then lathered him up and shaved him bald. I left some hair above his cock so that he would not be completely bald. He has always shaved my pussy, but this was the first time for him. Now, when I suck and lick on his balls and cock, there is no hair to interfere. It also feels better when we are fucking because his now smooth horse balls slap against my ass. I hope all females discover this, and shave their men. I have to go because my man is laying on the with his monster cock waiting for me.

I(20yr old man) love to suck dick!

i am jerking off reading all of these stories my dick is so hard i need a young tight pussy

My wife shaved my balls and penis last night before we had sex. She said it would make it better for both of us. She always keeps her pussy nice and clean, but this was the first time I have been shaved. She only trimmed the hair above my penis, but got rid of everything below. It made my penis look bigger, and she said it made it feel bigger inside of her.

My wife and I decided to go swimming in the nude at her parents' house when they left to go on a cruise. We ended up spending most of the day in the pool and got a nice tan. We also fucked in many different positions throughout the day. We were trying to get her pregnant with our first child. I think we accomplished what we wanted.

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I married the greatest girl. She enjoys giving me hand jobs at any time. She usually gives me one when we go on a long car trip. She gets her pussy wet and uses the lubrication to stroke my cock. I get turned on hearing her play with herself, and then my rod is ready to be rubbed. I guess it is fun to have a toy that is close to nine inches.

My girlfriend (18) and I (19) went with my aunt (24) and uncle (28) to New Orleans this past Mardi Gras. We were having a good time out on the balcony when my girlfriend decided it would be fun to flash her tits and pussy to everyone on the street. She asked my aunt if she would do it with her, and she said yes. My uncle and I watched as our partners stripped in front of everyone. They both then gave us a blow job on the balcony. To finish the night, we returned inside and proceeded to have an orgy for four hours. I sucked and fucked my aunt while my uncle fucked my girl. Then we switched, and my aunt and girlfriend even got it on while we watched. We plan on doing this once a year.

Two months ago I (30yo) was staying with my girlfriend (26yo) who lives with her older sister 41yo Dee & sisters husband (Matt 43yo). My girlfriend went to bed & I stayed up watching Tv in the living room when Matt came in wearing only a tiny thong brief. I was always straight but he was hot, hairy chest and a nice huge hard on. Well we had sex, we did it all, and I liked it especially sucking him and taking his huge rod up my butt. After we finished I looked up and my girlfriend was standing nude by the door and was playing with herself while watching us. We have all had a 3some since. Dee still does not know but maybe she will join us soon.

One Valentine's Day, I heard my parents fucking in the shower that evening. My dad went into the bathroom and got into the shower, and a minute later, my mom came out of their room with her 36B breasts and her trimmed pussy exposed to me. As I always do when she walks nude through the house, I stared. She went into the bathroom and locked the door. A little while later, I heard the shower door open. After about 10 minutes, I began to hear my mom moaning. I listened outside the door as my dad worked his 6-inch cock in and out of my mom. They went at it until they had simultaneous orgasms before exiting the bathroom. They then proceeded to the bedroom where you can assume more action took place. They were like teenage lovers once again.

My mom likes to walk around the house nude exposing her 36 B breasts and neatly trimmed pussy to me(19) and my 18 year old brother. She has always done this, but she has been doing it more since my dad has been so busy with police work. I think she does it to make us want her, and eventually she will seduce one or both of us. While my brother's penis is longer when flaccid, I believe I have more girth than him when erect. I have to admit I wouldn't mind fucking my mom's tight little pussy and sucking on her petite breasts. It also turns me on to think that I could eat out the vagina from which I was born, and suck on her nipples like when I was a baby. Only time will tell.

My ex was a beautiful voluptuous mediterranean girl. Me and her used to pretend that i was a guest staying at a hotel and that she was the maid coming in to clean the room. I would be sitting by my desk typing on my laptop, and she would be moving around the room in a dress with nothing underneath. She would bend over so I could catch glimpses of her pussy, and I would act all embarassed and awkward. After a while, though, I would touch her as she moved past me, and she'd stand right in front of me and show off her moist pink pussy. She would suck my cock while playing with herself, and I would fuck her senseless while she'd be moaning and telling me how big my cock was and to shove it up her tight hole.

My 27 year old co-worker was so drunk the other night that she fucked me while her husband was onstage performing with his band. She was wearing a short dress with no panties, so it was easy to do. She walked to my chair, pulled my cock through the front, and sat down on it. She rode till she came while everyone watched.

I work with this girl, I think she is really hot. That night she bent over to clean the counter and seen me lookin, good shot she said, I pretended I didn't hear.That night i went down stairs to the stock room and there she was getting bags, she just said hey but i had a hard on, she saw it i know she did. she was 25 I was 16. She said need help getting stock, i said yeah. She was bending over opening a box i came up behind her and and place my hands on her waist she didn't even budge," can I feel your stomach i said, she said yes. I felt her up, she placed her hands on my stick and pulled her pants down to her knee caps and i placed my cock in her we did it doggy style. When i came I couldn't help but moan loud, this encourged her to moan too, the boss herd us and fired us on the spot. I havn't herd from her since.

I'm 23 yr old girl. I think I'm pretty, and most men seam to agree. I'm married and have 2 children, but what my husband doesn't know, is every other Thursday night when he has to work the midnight shift, is that I leave the babies with my Sister, and go into the inner-city where the bums and alchoholics and homeless men are. I LOVE to pick up 3 or 4 dirty, filthy homeless alcoholics, filthy hands and nails, grimy, greasy hair VERY bad breath and SUPER STRONG underarm and body odor. I let them do ANYTHING THEY WANT TO. NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS OR TABOO! Sometimes, because of cronic alcoholism or liver disfuncion, some of the men cant even get hard. this is o.k. though, as i take there soft dicks in my mouth and let it soak in my spit, and I taste the layers of dirt, and filth wash off in my mouth, I have a mind-blowing orgasm. I cant cum with my clean husband, the only way I can cum, and do every time, is by smelling the stale sweat, and bad breath and tasting ! the filth

When I was 14 I looked alot like my dad. Sometimes when he was away on business my mom and i would sleep next to eachother. Every night once she was asleep i would rub her tits until she started moving. Sometimes I would take off her night gown and suck them. One time i took of her panties and started to kiss her pussy. She woke up and to my supruse began to kiss me. Im not sure if she knew it was me or if she just thought it was my dad, but we began to fuck eathother. She gave me the best blowjob i ever had. Then I stuck my cock into her pussy as she came and so did i. It was the greatest experince of my life.

I am a woman in my mid-40s. My husband still thinks I'm hot. I recently went on a business trip with my team from work. Three women and four men, all married. This was a professional group, and there's no sex story there. But I had to share a queen bed with one of the women. One night I awoke to a gentle shaking of the bed. I was too embarassed to look, but I made out the unmistakeable sounds of her masturbating. Her breathing got faster, and I could tell her hand was moving faster and faster, until her body tightened up in an orgasm. She was trying to be quiet, but it was arousing to me. The next night the memory of her getting off still had me aroused. Around 1:00 a.m. she started doing it again. I was turned away from her, but I began running my hand between my legs. I lay on my stomach and tried to rub my clit without her knowing. I think, though, that she became aware of my doings, and she picked up the pace on her clit. As the bed began rocking more, I felt myself getting closer to orgasm. I heard her having her first one, and felt my own coming on. I stayed on my stomach, humping my hand, and had a strong (but quiet) orgasm. We never looked at each other, but continued to work our pussies until I had come three times, and she three or four. We never spoke about it. Perhaps we were too embarassed, because we are not lesbians. I had some wild sex for my husband when I got home, though.

When i was 18 i used to masturbate regularly in my bedroom. I got really turned on by wearing shiny nylon soccer shorts as the material used to give me a rock hard cock and make my balls tingle. One day i was in my room, infront of the mirror, wearing a pair of silky adidas shorts and a shiny soccer shirt, rubbing my prick quckly throught the nylon shorts, when my sister's friend, who was 21, walked in to my room. She was quite attractive and was coming to ask if she could borrow some shampoo for the shower - she was staying with us for a week. I went bright red and almost died but she just walked over and said that she thought i looked horny in the soccer kit and asked if she could lend me a hand. She proceeded to jack me off through the nylon shorts, and then started to suck me off through the shorts. It was heaven. Best bj ever.

One night, my boyfriend passed out drunk with his shirt off and his arms up behind his head. He has a great body. Hairy chest and muscled. He had just gotten out of the shower before he passed out. I was about to go to bed, when I looked at him and noticed he has fresh sweat in his armpits. I grabbed a towel, put it by the bed and I jerked off while licking his armpits clean. I shot a huge load on the towel. That was the best orgasm I have EVER had. He never knew it happened. When he passes out, you can't wake him for shit.

I had my first innocent sexual experience when I was 7. I had a female friend who came to my house almost every day. One day we were in my room and decided to act like we were married. She took off her and my shirt, and we went into the closet and began kissing and rubbing our chest together. She said that she had seen her parents do this. After a little while, we went on the side of my bed and she unzipped my shorts and pulled down her pants. She took off her underwear and told me to rub her "coochie". It was smooth, and I slipped my finger in and out. I like how it felt. She then began playing with my "little boy". She was about to put it in her when my mom walked in. We were both embarrassed. Our love has grown since then, and we have been together for 12 years. We now shave each other to have the same sensation. I love her round tits, her mouth, her eyes, and everything about her.

When I was about 10 years old, I would hear my parents having sex down the hallway, and I would get mad because I could not sleep. I could hear the bed shaking and my mom and dad moaning. By the time I was 13, I grew to love their lovemaking sessions. My mom would talk dirty and have loud orgasms. I discovered that this was a good time to masturbate because I was turned on. I would time my orgasm to happen at the same time as my mom's. It was always hard the next morning to act like I didn't hear them.

I'm 12 and a sooo non virgin! My boyfriend is called Matt and we make out every night! Anyway one night, when my mom was out,i called Matt and he came over. He came up to my bedroom dripping wet from the rain which made me horny. I was lay on the bed with my bra and thong on. He lay on top off me i took off his clothes and reached for his y'no wen i found out he was a girl! I dragged him (her) off me, and wraped the covers round me. He told me that he had had a sex change wen he was 15 and was a lesbian. I can't believe i was so stoopid!

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Many years ago, I visited a friend at another college when his girlfriend dropped by and stayed the night. She slept with him in the single bed, I slept on the floor. About ten minutes after we'd turned off the lights--far too short for anyone to believe I'd fallen asleep--they began to make love in increasingly noisy fashion, almost all of the noise. My friend apparently tried to keep quiet, but his girlfriend moaned operatically, at last crying out, "I love you, and I don't care if the whole world knows it!" Of course, by this point, my dick was as hard as a rock and I didn't dare move a muscle for fear they'd know I was awake. What an idiot I was! No one could have slept through such a show! I later learned that my friend's girlfriend had a thing about making love to two men at once, and only then did it occur to me that the two of them had planned the entire thing in the hope I'd jump on. A lost opportunity....

When I was 15 I had a recurring dream about fucking three of my female friends all at once. It was weird because I didn't actually want to do it, we were friends and it would have been weird. Let's call them L, N and H for short. It used to happen whenever I went to sleep with a hard-on. It started with them all coming into my room one night, all very attractive, N most of all. She was always the first one to move - she would gradually roll back the covers until she could see my rock hard 8-incher making a tent in my boxers. Then she said to H "Look, we've got him hard already, and we've only been here 2 minutes - wonder what we can do for the rest of the night?" Then H replied "I want to make him cum, I want to lick it off both of you while he fucks me in the ass. Can we do that please?" I then sat up in bed and said "Of course." Then H kissed me straight away, while L and N did a striptease behind us.

Last night, my boyfriend was over and we were both very horny. Before we had sex, I told him i wanted to water mastrubate. I laid my horny naked body down in the bath tub and turned the faucet on high. It was freezing cold but felt so good!!! We then turned it on hot and I positioned my pussy so that the water was comming down right on my clit. It felt just like a big throbbing dick cumming inside of me. I orgasmed for 20minutes!!! Ladies, you should try this!!!

My first time was a bit embarising. I had no i dea what i was doing and I think I punctured his ear. That poor poor dog.

i was 15 when i first had sex. i was at boarding school and i was allowed out for the weekend my aunty and uncle offered to have me for the night. though it ended up being just me and my aunty as my uncle was called away to business earlier that week. i became rather bored watching tv and went for a swim. i came inside and had a shower though i had forgotten a dry towel. i yelled to my aunt to get me a towel expecting her to lean in and put it on the towel rack. to my surprise she came in and opened the shower door leaving me in my prime. though my aunt stood and stared finally leaning down and jacking me off. she looked up at me and smiled and then started sucking my dick while i caressed her tits. we ended up having sex all weekend and still continue to when my uncle is out of town.


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